Online stock control that’s perfect for small businesses

Get instant inventory updates as sales & purchases are made. Banish out-of-date spreadsheets & piles of paper. Stock the right stuff — without the stress.

Table of current stock levels including allocated, unallocated and on-order stock levels.

Know exactly what you have in stock

Stock levels are updated instantly as sales & purchases are made. No more staying late at the office to update your stock spreadsheet.


Hold the right inventory for better cash flow

Stock reports tell you exactly how much stock you hold, how much is already sold & what is on order with your suppliers — updated in real time.


Place POs faster. Get them right first time

Create POs automatically as stock runs low. Email POs straight to your supplier, they can click a link & you'll know its been received.


Stop running out of stock

The reorder report shows you exactly what you need to order — from every supplier or just one. It takes into account what is already on order, too. Set minimum stock levels as you need.


Instant stock valuations to make your accountant happy

Your accountant & insurer want to know the value of stock on your premises. Give them the answer with one click. Learn more.


Stress-free stock takes

Use our spreadsheet to update your stock levels when you need to count your stock, then update thousands of lines with one click.

As a small, specialist, business we needed a system that could keep track of stock movement, sales and help us plan for the future. OrderHarmony provides the tools we need to do this. Easy to use, our staff needed minimum training to get up and running on it and it's simple interface allows them to explore it in depth without worrying about creating errors. OrderHarmony is allowing us to move our Business forward.
Four stars — The Climbing Works.


Complete history of stock movements

The stock movement log records the who, why, what & when for every change in stock levels. Browse the whole thing or restrict by stock code & date.


Easily track supplier serial numbers

Add supplier serial numbers to your stock … both on stock received from your suppliers and sent out to your customers.

Free up stock from abandoned orders

Set a stock allocation timer (between 1 hour & 90 days) to automatically close orders & release stock if orders are not processed in time.

Don't over-order stock

The product page shows you how much stock you have on order.

Never sell the same item twice again

You can't accidentally sell the same stock to 2 customers — stock is allocated to new orders instantly.