Case study: The Shop Floor Project vastly reduces labour with OrderHarmony

"Our monthly sales reports used to take two days. Now they take two hours!"

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Summary of benefits

  • Vast reduction of labour in completing monthly sales reports.
  • Synchronisation of orders and stock between online and physical outlets.
  • Ability to organise and email purchase orders direct to suppliers.
  • Ongoing after-sales support.

Summary of Relationship

The Shop Floor Project is an award-winning online craft retailer based in Cumbria. They recently expanded into a bricks-and-mortar shop and exhibition space. During this period, co-owners Denise and Samantha Allan used OrderHarmony to streamline their stock management and help them branch out into the physical marketplace.

Our stock system was getting too complicated,” explained co-owner Samantha Allan. “We needed something to bring everything together between the virtual and physical worlds.”

Samantha came across OrderHarmony while searching for stock management software online. “We were worried a lot of the solutions we found were too complicated for our needs and didn't offer person-to-person after-sales support. OrderHarmony looked like an intuitive, online solution. It was simple, clear and easy. We didn't want loads of unnecessary graphs, we just wanted something straight to the point. The fact we emailed them and they got back to us straight away was a big plus for us.”

Making the transition from their old system to OrderHarmony was a smooth, trouble-free process. “It was really quick and easy to get up and running. As long as you input the data at the start, it's all there when you need it.” For Samantha, OrderHarmony's customer support team were integral to this seamless changeover. “If you have any queries you simply email Customer Service and you get a good answer very quickly. You don't need to trawl through forums searching for advice and answers. We just send them a message and their response times are really quick, often immediate.”

Since they began using OrderHarmony, The Shop Floor Project has found it “vital on a day-to-day basis.” As Samantha commented, “It makes us really organised. It gives us a clear vision of what's been done and what needs to be done at the end of each day, week and month.”

“You don't have to keep an eye on lots of bits of paper,” she added, “It's stress-free and there's a nice feeling that everything is in order.” The knock-on benefit for Samantha has been “an improved relationship with suppliers and customers. We can tell them exactly when everything will be ready and it minimises delays.”

Similarly, this increased efficiency proved reassuring during The Shop Floor Project's expansion into physical retail premises. “It wasn't necessarily crucial, but if we didn't find OrderHarmony during this time it might well have put back our opening date.”

The most significant benefit for the business has been the development of a bespoke sales report function in direct response to their needs. “There's been an amazing level of customer service. We needed the system to tie in with our monthly sales reports and OrderHarmony made it happen.”

screenshot of the Shop Floor Project homepage, showing a shop front

“We've also discovered new features like emailing our purchase orders.” While this was not one of their original needs, Samantha now relies regularly on this function.

OrderHarmony has definitely been a worthwhile investment,” enthused Samantha. “Our monthly sales reports used to take two days. Now they take two hours!

“Would we recommend OrderHarmony to other businesses? Yes! 100% definitely. In fact we already have…”

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